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Meet Delta-8 THC: For Mental Health

The THC With the Least Psychoactive Effect A sibling of the famous delta-9 THC, delta 8 has the same therapeutic properties but without the side effects. Cannabidiol and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabidiol, popularly known as CBD and THC, are the two most abundant and well-studied components of cannabis. Its medicinal properties are already properly evidenced within medical science, […]

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Suggestopedia – Learning Methodology That Gives the Highest Results

What Is Suggestopedia? Sugestopedia Is a Pedagogical System of Education That Combines Pedagogy, Psychology and Artistic Techniques. To understand what suggestopedia is and why suggestopedia is the methodology that gives the highest results with a lasting effect, we must highlight the main differences from traditional forms of education. Suggestopedia is the result of many years […]

verbal liguistic intelligence

7 Ways to Develop Your Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence

People with high linguistic intelligence can be successfully realized in the following professions: Writers, poets, lawyers, politicians and speakers. Verbal-language intelligence is related to a person’s ability to effectively understand and use language. Verbal-linguistic intelligence is one of the nine multiple intellects that the famous psychologist Howard Gardner defines and examines. It refers to the […]

learning new language

8 Tips to Learn a New Language More Easily

Knowing a second language has never been more important, whether it’s getting a better job or even traveling to another country. However, as time is money, there is always the question of how to learn another language faster and without many headaches. Regardless of whether it’s English, Spanish or any other, what you can’t miss […]